BMI Scan

Loan & Document Scanning Software

Do you want to scan any loan document quickly with a minimum of clicking and typing? As part of the BMI Imaging Suite, BMI Scan achieves this and more.

BMI Scan is a simple, yet powerful scanning program that allows scanning through a dedicated scanner or multifunction printer (MFP).

BMI Scan Functionality

    • Rubber Band Zoom: while holding down the left mouse button, you can magnify a part of the document image to make viewing and indexing faster and easier
    • Image Copy: you can copy any portion of an image and paste it to the clipboard so it can be copied into your other applications
    • Fax Import: PDF or TIFF files found in a network folder can be imported into BMI Scan with the click of a mouse
    • Hot Keys: custom hot keys can easily be created to further streamline the scanning process
    • Endorsing & Annotation: you can endorse checks or mark documents as scanning in conjunction with scanners equipped with  imprinters
    • Barcode & Patch Code Reading: Barcodes and patch codes can be scanned with information passed to the designated index field(s)
    • Image Enhancement: You can make your scanned images look better than the originals with automatic black border removal, de-skew, de-shade, de-speckle, image filtering (smooth characters, thicken lines), line and streak removal
    • ISIS & TWAIN: Works with scanners that use either of these industry standard drivers

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BMIScan Screen Shot from BMI Productivity