BMI Query

Loan Query Software

Do you want to find any document quickly with a minimum of clicking and typing? As part of the BMI Imaging Suite, BMI Query achieves this and more.

BMI Query provides easy access to documents that have been stored with the BMI Imaging Suite’s document management system.

BMI Query Functionality

  • Full Text Search: an option if you have full text processing set up for your application via the embedded BMI Query Full Text Toolbar
  • Import Files: you can import any file you have access to on your computer or network into the application you have open
  • Export Files: you can export image(s) queried with a page range of All, Current Page or Pages (e.g. 1, 5-6, 10) to a single page TIFF, multi-page TIFF multi-page PDF; you can also save text data as one file for text data for processing by your application (as a single file of text data versus a file for every “page” of text data”)
  • Print & Email Files: you can print and/or email any queried image with the click of a button

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BMIQuery Screen Shot from BMI Productivity