BMI Distribute

Loan Document Distribution

Loan Document Distribution with BMIDistribute from BMI Productivity

Community development corporations (CDCs), economic development agencies/organizations (EDAs/EDOs) and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) all spend countless hours pulling files and documents for an audit. Afterward they spend countless hours returning the files to their correct locations.

As part of the BMI Imaging Suite, BMI Distribute makes it simple to provide loan documents to people outside of your company by serving like an advanced export for BMI Query. This allows documents to be exported into an organized folder
structure and for you to name your documents based on the index fields. BMI Distribute is very useful for audits, or for creating a digital package to send to individuals (e.g. CD or zip file).

BMI Distribute Benefits

  • If you have an audit coming up, you can find all the documents you need instantly
  • You can easily provide auditors access to just the documents they require without having access to all information on your system
  • You can quickly download all documents needed by auditors to a USB stick

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