Ventures.Net Integration

Document Management Integration with Ventures.Net

The BMI Imaging Suite has been tightly integrated with Ventures.Net from CDC Ventures since 2009. This integration includes the following functionality:

  • It’s a single interface system where staff can enter and view loan data, as well as quickly view, scan and upload loan documents
  • An eTrans file can be prepared with a few button clicks in less than two minutes
“Due to the fact that we know we can count on BMI to provide a high level of integrity both in performance and results, we have contracted for additional collaboration in new software program development. We appreciate the relationship we’ve developed with BMI and the efficiencies and innovation they have helped us to create.”
– Catherine Riddle, CDC Ventures (2010)

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BMI Imaging Suite & Ventures.Net User Success Stories

Business Finance Group: BMI Ventures.Net Integration Success Story CDC Small Business Finance: BMI Ventures.Net Integration Success Story
Business Finance Group CDC Small Business Finance
Business Finance Group was storing their back files in offsite storage. They were told by several firms to not attempt to scan the back files, but servicing actions happen on closed loans and the
offsite storage meant files had to be transported between the two offices.
BMI introduced the BMI Imaging Suite and servicing actions on closed loans has become much more efficient. Business Finance Group can
now respond immediately to client requests. Documents are now available to the entire staff, including remote users.
“Paper files take more staff time as well as space – with electronic files, filing is easier and quicker. Lots of savings!”
– Sally Robertson, Business Finance Group
CDC Small Business Finance converted their previous document imaging system to BMI’s platform in 2007. BMI worked closely with CDC SBF to ensure their data was preserved and that their staff was well-trained with the new system.
During the transition period, members of BMI joined their weekly CDC staff meetings to discuss and resolve issues. BMI took the time to understand CDC SBFs business process to better serve their software needs.