PCFS 2000 Integration

Document Management Integration with SBA Form Wrx & Loan Manager

The BMI Imaging Suite has been tightly integrated with PCFS 2000 software since 2009. This integration includes the following functionality:

  • PCFS 2000 SBA Form Wrx Document Management Integration with the BMI Imaging SuitePCFS 2000 SBA Loan Manager Document Management Integration with the BMI Imaging SuiteUsers are able to access images stored in the BMI Imaging Suite through the SBA Loan Manager interface
  • Scanning requests can also be initiated from SBA Loan Manager
  • Scheduled nightly, reports from SBA Loan Manager are automatically saved as PDF files and incorporated into the BMI Imaging Suite without user initiation

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BMI Imaging Suite & PCFS 2000 User Success Stories

Business Lenders: BMI PCFS 2000 Integration Success Story CUSO Financial Services: BMI PCFS 2000 Integration Success Story

Business Lenders, LLC
CUSO Financial Services

Business Lenders had implemented scanning
prior to meeting with BMI. Documents were scanned using the copy machine and then saved as PDFs on the network in community folders.

BMI introduced the BMI Imaging Suite for Business Lenders and scanning and retrieval efficiency dramatically increased. Business Lenders is now able to quickly view all electronic documents for an account and access what is needed much faster than before.

“It makes my job more convenient when
compiling the necessary documents to submit to SBA for repurchase or reimbursement of expenses, etc.”

– Sue Levin, Business Lenders

PCFS 2000 CUSO End Users continue to identify the combined solution of PCFS 2000 with the BMI Imaging Suite as a competitive advantage for their business. Efficiency is improved in all aspects of the loan from application to close, from servicing to reviews.

“Accessing loan files has become much easier for the entire staff, which improves our over all efficiency.”

“There is no longer a need for a physical loan file, and any time a loan file needs to be referenced it’s at everybody’s finger tips.”

SBA-Small Business Administration: BMI and PCFS 2000 Success Story
U.S. Small Business Administration
Sacramento Processing Center
The SBA Sacramento Office uses the BMI Imaging Suite to manage
documents in their office, including scanning and storing 7a and 504 loans.