LMS Integration

Document Management Integration with Anchor Commercial LMS

The BMI Imaging Suite has been tightly integrated with Anchor Commercial’s Loan Management System software since 2009. This integration includes the following functionality:

  • Anchor Commercial LMS Document Management Integration with the BMI Imaging SuiteUsers are able to access images stored in the BMI Imaging Suite through the LMS interface
  • Scanning requests can also be initiated from LMS
  • Scheduled nightly, reports from LMS are automatically saved as PDF files and incorporated into the BMI Imaging Suite without user initiation

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BMI Imaging Suite & LMS User Success Stories

BDFC: BMI LMS Integration Success Story Evergreen Business Capital: BMI LMS Integration Success Story

Business Development Finance Corp.

Evergreen Business Capital
BDFC separates the loan process between two offices that are 125 miles apart: marketing and closing in one, underwriting and servicing in another. Prior to working with BMI, information
had to be transferred at least three times up until
it reached the funded loan status. With an active portfolio of 600 accounts, there was also an increasing shortage of office space. BMI worked with BDFC to create a document imaging solution that was based on the existing filing system. The information is now easily accessible by staff at both locations on the database.

“In addition, we are using the system to share information with outside parties (banks, attorneys, etc).”

– Liz Gamble, BDFC

Evergreen Business Capital maintained all loan documents in paper form before working with BMI. The standard issues with storage space and time taken to research answers to customers’ questions were clearly issues that needed to be resolved.

BMI’s integration with LMS has enabled Evergreen to reclaim their office space and increase efficiency when working with customers.

“It has added to our ability to answer customers’ questions right on the spot without having to order a file.”

– Patti Kibbe, Evergreen Business Capital