State, County & Local Government

Document Management for Government Agencies

State, County & Municipal Document Management from BMIState, local and county governments face an interesting challenge: do more with less. Paper laden processes are expensive, requiring staff to process and space to store the records. This includes the courts, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, registrar offices, municipal services or general agenda management.

What if you could be more responsive to your constituents, while reducing your administrative costs? Document management solutions can deliver on those promises.

Using document management software, in conjunction with AnyDoc capture solutions, allows you to scan, index, classify, process and store your documents with fewer people and less space. Onsite storage requirements are reduced, since the scanned image can be retrieved instantly. The AnyDoc advanced capture software, using leading optical character recognition technologies, automatically classifies and indexes the document with little or no human intervention. The document management software routes the documents to the right people at the right time. Processes that used to take weeks, waiting for approvals and signatures, now take minutes.

Using a document management solution with AnyDoc advanced capture, you can do more with less.

As a leading provider of document management solutions in the region, we understand how to work with local, state and county governments, and can create a solution that meets your needs.

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