K-12 School District Document Management from BMISchool districts have complex finance and administrative processes, and continue to face pressure to reduce those expenses. While document management software may seem like a luxury, these solutions help schools reduce their administrative footprint. Documents are easily retrieved, requiring fewer staff to manage them. Mandated document storage can be accomplished offsite, reducing real estate costs. Fewer copiers, toner and less paper are needed, reducing those costs dramatically. Finally, space can be allocated toward what schools do best, educating our children.

Our BMI Imaging Suite enables you to realize the full benefits of document management technologies at a fraction of the price of other software solutions. Our feature rich application connects directly with many popular applications, including the Weidenhammer administrative suite. Your staff spends less time looking for documents, and taking action based on them. In addition, our application is optimized for scanning and indexing, enabling a highly efficient document scanning process.

Our BMI Imaging suite provides the electronic document management features you need at a price you can afford.

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