Economic Development Orgs

Document Management for EDOs & CDCs

Loan Processing Solutions for Economic Development Organizations from BMIWhether you’re an Economic Development Agency (EDO), Certified Development Company (CDC) or other agency that helps small businesses obtain loans, your strengths are in helping organizations, and probably not in document management. As a part of these processes, though, you must manage a forest of documents. Some will originate electronically, some will originateĀ on paper, and some will be attached to emails with explanations that need to be saved as well.

If you could spend less time managing these loan documents, how many more organizations could you help? Our clients can answer that: “Many more.”

The BMI Imaging Suite is ideally suited to help EDOs, CDCs and other intermediary groups manage all paper loan documents required for the various lending agencies to qualify for their funding. We have hundreds of customers using our solution, and we continue to create features unique to this market.

Either as a stand alone system or connected to Portfol, our software scans, stores and easily retrieves the myriad of required load documents. You spend less time and money making copies and wondering if you have all of the required paperwork, and more time working with organizations to help them get funding. With the BMI Imaging Suite, your deal flow speeds up, helping your community grow faster.

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