Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving Document Management from BMIYour dock is home to a variety of incoming and outgoing documents. On the incoming side, receivers, certificates of analysis, MSDS sheets and chain of custody documents arrive for every inbound shipment. On the outgoing side, picking slips, logistics, regulatory and even COAs must be managed for every shipment. Keeping track of these documents can be time consuming, and take up valuable space that could be used for other purposes.

Our document management solutions capture and classify both shipping and receiving documents, ultimately making the processes surrounding these documents more efficient and less labor intensive.

For those incoming documents, our solutions enable scanning, classifying and secure storage. This ultimately results in compliance with all supplier related government and industry requirements. For the outbound documents, they can be moved onto a secure customer portal, where customers can retrieve them without having to call you. This self service model enables you to direct resources to more productive projects.

Find out how we use technology to streamline the documents that come in or leave your shipping dock.

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