Accounts Payable/Receivable

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Document Management from BMIApplying document management technologies to invoice processing and accounts receivable processes offers many advantages.

For invoice processing, organizations realize the following benefits:

  • Less time to process invoices, resulting in control of early pay discounts
  • More accountable processes, resulting in less time “hunting” for signatures
  • Better invoice control, virtually eliminating duplicate invoice payments
  • Less effort to process invoices, enabling organizations to redirect resources to other projects

For accounts receivable, organizations realize the following benefits:

  • Faster processes, eliminating tracking with spreadsheets
  • Better prioritization, having staff work on higher value transactions earlier
  • Faster collections, accelerating cash flow
  • Better record keeping, assuring that received cash is appropriately applied

Our solutions eliminate the paper that slows down these processes, resulting in reduced administrative expenses. Your staff have immediate access to the documents that drive these processes, making them more efficient and more productive.

As a leading provider of document management solutions, we have helped many organizations deploy these technologies, saving them thousands in expenses. Let us help you better understand how these technologies can be applied to your processes.

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